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How to AI Generate Vectors

Using PlusVector - the AI Vector Illustration Engine

Generate from a Prompt

Create a vector illustration using a simple prompt, such as a cute dog or a yellow truck.

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Use a Community Template

Discover prompt templates - designed to easily generate in a consistent style or theme.

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PlusVector subscribers can download previously generated vectors - and access to future illustrations.

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Why Professional Designers use Vector SVG Images

Infinite Scalability, Zero Pixelation


SVGs maintain quality regardless of scaling.


Easily manipulated with CSS and JavaScript.

Resolution Independence

Sharp on all devices and screen sizes.

Smaller File Sizes

Ensures faster load times.

Interactive Features

Ability to include interactive elements.


Text within SVGs remains selectable and searchable.

Programmatic Control

Scripting and animation capabilities.

Example vector you can generate with PlusVector Logo PLUSVECTOR+
Vector SVG of Dog
Vector Image (SVG)
Raster JPG Image of Dog
Raster Image (JPG)
Vector SVG of Dog
See the difference

Vector images can be resized without loss of quality.

Pricing & Plans

Access Vector Library + Generate Custom Illustrations


$20 / month
Included per Month

20 Generation Credits

Credits roll over every month

Capped at 100 credits

Access to Community Vector Library

Access to Community Templates

Limited Support


$50 / month
Included per Month

100 Generation Credits

Credits roll over every month

Capped at 500 credits

Access to Community Vector Library

Access to Community Templates

Set Illustrations to Private

Set Templates to Private

Premium Support


Custom pricing

Looking for more generation credits, larger scale applications, or custom use cases?

The Vector AI Image Creator

Access Vector Library + Generate Custom Illustrations

Download Vector Illustrations

Unlimited access to ever-expanding community vector library.

Generate Custom Vectors

Create new custom illustrations using prompts or templates.

Use & Share Templates

Produce vectors in consistent styles with prompt templates + a community template library.

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Comparing Vector vs Raster Images
Feature Vector Images (SVG) 🌟 Raster Images (JPG, PNG) 🖼️
Remains crisp at any size
Becomes pixelated when scaled
File Size
Smaller and more efficient
Larger, especially at high resolutions
Easily editable with code
Requires specialized software
Resolution Independence
Yes, perfect for any screen
Fixed to a specific resolution
Faster web page loading
Can slow down websites
Print Quality
Ideal for high-quality printing
Quality depends on resolution
Native support for animations
Not suitable for animations
SEO Benefits
Texts are selectable and searchable
Texts are not selectable or searchable
Supported by all modern browsers
Widely supported


Frequently Asked Questions about PlusVector

PlusVector is an AI-powered vector generation engine. It allows you to create scalable vector graphics (SVGs) from simple prompts, providing high-quality visuals that are resolution-independent and perfect for both web and print media.

Quality is our priority. PlusVector utilizes advanced AI algorithms to interpret your prompts and generate detailed, crisp vector images. Each vector is crafted to maintain clarity at any size, ensuring your graphics look great on any platform.

Absolutely! Graphics generated by PlusVector can be used for both personal and commercial projects. We provide a flexible licensing model to suit your needs, whether you're an individual designer or a large enterprise.

PlusVector supports a exporting in SVG and PNG formats. You can select your preferred format upon export to ensure compatibility with your project requirements.

PlusVector offers easy-to-use editing tools that allow you to tweak and customize vectors to your liking. Adjust colors, shapes, and sizes directly within our platform before downloading.

Yes, PlusVector is perfect for creating unique logos. Our AI engine can generate a variety of styles to match your brand identity, which you can then refine to create your final logo design.

No, there is no need to credit PlusVector for the images you generate. Once you download a vector image, it's yours to use freely under our license agreement.

PlusVector is constantly learning and expanding its style repertoire. If you have a specific style in mind, you can submit it as a suggestion, and our AI might integrate it in the future updates.